Azerbaijan’s Illegal Blockade Of Artsakh

For 9 days now Azerbaijan has kept the only road linking Artsakh and Armenia closed.
This threatens 120,000 people of Artsakh with a humanitarian catastrophe: NO FOOD, NO FUEL, NO MEDICINE supplies.
1,100 citizens, 270 of whom are minors, have no possibility to return home, Artsakh.
American Chamber of Commerce in Armenia strongly condemns the actions of the Azerbaijani leadership, whose aggressions against people of Artsakh as well as the ongoing occupation of the sovereign territories of the Republic of Armenia, creates an unstable situation in the region – full of security and humanitarian challenges.
AmCham Armenia calls on worldwide AmCham community to condemn the blockage of Berdzor (Lachin) Corridor, to join the efforts to avoid humanitarian catastrophe in Artsakh, to restore the rights and security of Artsakh people.
Unblock the Road Of Life. Open Artsakh.