DateDecember 6, 2021
Event categoryAdvocacy
Venue The Alexander, A Luxury Collection Hotel, Yerevan
On 6 December 2021, AmCham in Armenia had a Workforce Development Committee Education, Training and Development Working group serial meeting at The Alexander, A Luxury Collection Hotel, Yerevan.
The Chair of the Meeting welcomed the participants and approved the Agenda. There was a detailed discussion on the Objectives and the next steps of the Working group. It was decided to use all the available resources to identify the gaps in education and workforce development.
The details of the discussion were as below:
 The problem is the gap between the industry and the workforce and the possible solution is to replicate the paid Internship model of the high tech in the rest of the sectors.
 The AUA model of the Internships also could be taken as a model. AUA works with the employers to identify what are the required needs to match them with the students for a potential hire and potential further careers development opportunities.
 Universities’ concern on students getting employed – the majority of the universities other than AUA, have an expectation that the employers should be engaging with possible employees of the future in the early stages, however, they do not have Career center with full capacities to connect the students to the potential employers, so those center should be focused to develop.
 Internship structured announcements should be on the relevant Platforms, similar to the job announcements.
 Define sources of relevant soft and hard skills training done by companies for business that the future students will be interested in for possible employment opportunities.
 It should be checked if the Ministry of High-Tech can assist the ETD WG advocate for other ministries to have a similar practice?
 The key stakeholders to communicate with for possible training or internship solutions are the Ministry of Economy National Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, in Agriculture, engaged the Deputy Minister Vardan Khojoyan, Ministry of Education
 What is the broader scope of the working group – The scope of the working group should also focus on helping people from abroad, especially migrants with a focus on the young professionals to find jobs?
As a next step, it was decided to prepare a rough draft white paper by Dagen on the Actions, based on the available resources to present during the Next WG Meeting in January 2022.