TIFA Working Group Meeting-Discussion

DateFebruary 25, 2021
Event categoryAdvocacy
VenueArmenia Marriott Hotel Yerevan
On 25 February 2021, the Ministry of Economy Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA) working group with AmCham in Armenia organized a meeting-discussion on the issues and recommendations that the companies face during the export/import processes from Armenia to the United States.
Officials from the RA Ministry of Economy, Food Safety Inspectorate, the Business community participated in the meeting discussion: Ms. Hasmik Sargsyan, RA Ministry of Economy, Mr. Vahe Danielyan, RA Ministry of Agriculture, Food Safety State Service, Mr. Emil Stepanyan, Natfood CJSC, Export Armenia / Արտահանում Հայաստանից, Mr. Mikayel Hayrapetyan, Global USA, Mr. Ara Papyan, BDO Armenia, Ms. Zara Muradyan, Vine and Wine Foundation of Armenia, Mr. Vadim Harutyunyan, HACCP Consult, Mr. Gevorg Baghdasaryan, Ms. Gohar Galyan, Ms. Ani Khandamiryan, Investment Support Center (Ներդրումների Աջակցման Կենտրոն).
During the meeting, the issues, problems, and obstacles brought up throughout the last meeting were thoroughly discussed to be brought up during the TIFA Round table, which is planned to be taking place in March. The key issues raised during the meeting were as follows:
– Training should be organized on the FDA Fito-Sanitary requirements, as most of the exporters lack information on the requirements, and a permanent consulting body should be established for ongoing support.
– Information on the registration of Armenian products of animal origin in the US should be shared to ensure the required quality standards for export products comply with the FDA requirements.
– It is important to have consistent quality standards to build trust between the producers and the customers.
– An organization should be set up to assist and guide the companies in exporting their products.
– There should be a quality assurance laboratory established in Armenia in order to have a consistent testing system in place.
– Create an international platform for Armenian products’ promotion which will also help to come up with a mutual recognition agreement with the importing country.
Ms. Zara Muradyan, Executive Director, Vine & Wine Foundation of Armenia, shared the best practice of a joint initiative of a group of winemakers producing high-quality wine and exporting it under an umbrella brand name to ensure the quality and quantity requirements. She said that they would be happy to share it.
Mr. Ara Papyan, Senior Legal Counsel, BDO Armenia, informed that they would be happy to provide consulting services to the exporters.
Mr. Vadim Harutyunyan, Quality Assurance and Quality Control Manager, HACCP Consult, informed that they are usually working with the exporters to pass the certification process on complying with the FDA requirements.
It was decided to invite all the participants to the TIFA private sector round table discussion in March.

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