DateDecember 14, 2021
Event categoryAdvocacy
On 14 December 2021, the AmCham Tax Customs and Fiscal Policy(TCuFP) Committee Working Group had a meeting with Mr. Zareh Sinanyan, The High Commissioner on Diaspora Affairs and his team: Mr. Hovhannes Aleksanyan and Ms. Margarita Baghdasaryan and presented the AmCham Proposal on The Special Package on Tax Incentives to Promote Repatriation/Immigration of the Armenian Diaspora to Armenia and to Support the Integration Process.
During the meeting, in addition to the document the following focus points were discussed:
· In addition to the Tax amendments there should be a strong Diaspora Related Policy, Strategy which will be based on evidence – in depth research
· The Term who is Armenian should be clarified and fixed
· A Ministry of Diaspora and Integration should be formed to have a strong structure on the ground
· There should be a clear difference, whether an Armenian or a foreign nationality person is immigrating to Armenia
· Integration Centers should be established so the immigrants have a one Stop Service and no dealing with the Police and other Officials
· The current legal regulation that the Pensions are not being taxed should be publicized.
To the AmCham Team great excitement, Mr. Sinanyan very much appreciated the work done and expressed his readiness to conceptually lead the initiative and bring the proposal objectives stated in the attached document into action.