Sustainable Development Committee Meeting

DateAugust 23, 2022
Event categoryAdvocacy
Venue Marriott Hotel Armenia
On 23 August 2022 AmCham had a Sustainable Development Committee Meeting where special guests from USAID and IFC were invited.
The Chair of the Committee welcomed all the members, and the special guests – Mr. Arsen Nazaryan and Mr. Armen Varosyan – thanked them for participating in the meeting, and approved the agenda.
Ms. Markaryan briefly updated the members on the Sustainable Waste Management project progress and presented the upcoming steps to take.
Before the special guests’ arrival, the election of the Co-Chair of the Committee was organized, where Mr. Alpetyan was elected as a Co-Chair of the Committee with the majority of voices.
Mr. Armen Varosyan (USAID) presented the USAID 5-year project.
Mr. Arsen Nazaryan (IFC) presented the current projects of IFC as well as spoke about possible collaboration with AmCham on Sustainable Waste Management project piloting.
As a next step, it was decided:
• To run an info session for the local companies as they are also affected by the EPR system
• To continue the collaboration with USAID
• To work on the MoU between AmCham and IFC