DateDecember 15, 2021
Event categoryAdvocacy
Venue Armenia Marriott Hotel Yerevan
On 15 December 2021, AmCham in Armenia had a SOE and Labor Working Group meeting at Armenia Marriott Hotel Yerevan.
The Chair of the Meeting welcomed the participants. There was a detailed discussion on the issues that the working groups should focus on as the below Agenda Items:
1. Identification of main exact topics which are “problematic” for the companies the Working Groups should focus on.
2. Roles and responsibilities distribution – who will work on each of the topics.
3. Timeline for recommendation presentations.
It was decided to focus on a few points that appear to be the main problems within the frame of the Working Groups.
The key details of the discussion were as below:
● The topic of internships was stressed mainly for companies to start providing more structured and systematic internships, whether paid or not paid.
● Have the internships not limited to certain fields or areas, to not work in small units but run it organizational-wide.
● Companies should have a legal framework when it concerns internships, to avoid any accusations or issues and as need be legislative changes should be done.
● Another issue was the hiring of foreign employees in Armenia and giving them work permits. There are certain limitations that arise problems for them finding jobs in Armenia.
● Paid vacations should be considered for the foreign workforce.
● Additionally, consider the payment options for that paid vacation and the deadline of the payment. This topic will be later discussed individually.
● The main problems of the working groups are the following:
❖ Internship Formalization
❖ Internship guidelines, with regards to students
❖ Student Loans
❖ Workforce Opportunities for foreigners
❖ Vacation calculation and payments
❖ Vacation payment options for the employees.
● A list was provided to help with the strategizing process of companies to become better.
Next Steps:
● Based on the WFD Committee’s overall objectives and the available research resources the key objectives of Labor and SOE WGs will be developed to be presented to the Team during the 1st meeting 2022 (TBD).