Roadmap for Investment Reforms in Armenia event

DateJuly 22, 2022
Event categoryAdvocacy
Venue Marriott Hotel Armenia
On July 22, 2022, USAID presented the “Roadmap for Investment Reforms in Armenia.” Mr. Ashot Hovanesian, President of AmCham Armenia and CEO of Synergy International Systems, gave a speech at the event on the challenges and issues of the Armenian investment environment from the perspective of investors and the private sector. In particular, he mentioned that AmCham has dedicated initiatives and committees with a focus on bringing diaspora investments to Armenia as well as on issues related to workforce development in different sectors including IT. AmCham works closely with different stakeholders both in the public and private sectors to find solutions that serve everyone.
“The development of the workforce is a top priority for Armenia, and I believe we should search for ways to make FDI a reality.” – Ashot Hovanesian.
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