Meeting with Mr. Lars Kolind a Danish businessman

DateSeptember 30, 2021
Event categoryKnowledge sharing
VenueDoubleTree by Hilton

On 30 September 2021, Leadership School Armenia in collaboration with AmCham in Armenia held a meeting with Mr. Lars Kolind, a Danish businessman at DoubleTree by Hilton, Tokio Hall.
Mr. Kolind shared his experience with the participants on the challenges & opportunities of building a successful business and growing it, and how to create an impact for scale & longevity for a positive change.
Mr. Kolind holds an M.Sc. in Mathematics from Aarhus University and a Bachelor of Commerce from the Copenhagen Business School. He is an adjunct professor of leadership and strategy at Aarhus University Business School.
Mr. Lars Kolind is a business leader, serial entrepreneur, management author, and professor working globally from his base in Denmark. He serves as a board member and advisor to businesses in Europe, the Americas, and Asia and he has lectured at universities around the world. Mr. Kolind has 40+ years of experience in building world-class companies and inspiring leaders from Oticon to LEGO. Following the turnaround of Oticon, he embarked upon one of the most ambitious business development projects ever: Transforming the conventional manufacturing company into the world’s first truly knowledge-based and paperless organization. His work has been the subject of case studies by leading universities and business schools around the world and his books have been translated into 8 languages.
Mr. Kolind states: “I want organizations to have an impact beyond just making money. In fact, I believe the best way to make money is by having a positive impact on people.’’
The event was concluded by a Q&A session during which Mr. Kolind answered the participants’ questions on how to replicate his best practices in Armenia.