Meeting-Discussion with Ruben Vardanyan

DateJuly 6, 2021
Event categoryKnowledge Sharing
VenueHoliday Inn Yerevan
On 6 July 2021 AmCham Armenia, European Business Association, Armenian British Business Chamber, German Business Association – German Chamber of Commerce, France Armenia Chamber jointly organized a meeting-discussion with Ruben Vardanyan, who is the Founder of the FUTURE ARMENIAN initiative.
Ruben Vardanyan is an Armenian-born Russian entrepreneur, venture philanthropist, and investor, co-founder of Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity and Future Armenian public initiative, and UWC Dilijan College.
During the discussion, Ruben Vardanyan presented The FUTURE ARMENIAN public Initiative and its 15 goals. He talked about the issues, challenges, and opportunities of the education system of Armenia, the relationships between Armenia and the Diaspora, investment environment, business promotion, and charity.
15 goals of the Future Armenian are below:
1. Vision Setting: Define and own Armenia’s future collectively.
2. Assured Sovereignty: Acknowledge our threatened security and construct a more effective and forward-looking defense system.
3. Historic Responsibility: Honor the memory of the victims, the survivors, and saviors of the Armenian Genocide through global advocacy and humanitarian support to prevent, combat, or heal from all acts of violence against humanity.
4. Free Artsakh: Guarantee Artsakh’s physical security and establish its legal status.
5. Armenia-Diaspora Unity: Transform the relationship between Armenia and the Diaspora into one based on mutualism and trust.
6. Strong Diaspora: Update and enhance Diaspora’s institutions and structures to ensure their vitality and preserve Armenian worldwide heritage.
7. Strong Alliances: Counter isolation and gain relevance through strategic partnerships regionally and globally.
8. Exponential Growth: Foster a competitive economy that attracts human and financial capital.
9. Growing Population: Address Armenia’s demographic challenges by ensuring population growth, repatriation, and skilled immigration to secure its future.
10. Excellence in Education: Prioritize education as the highest societal value for Armenians worldwide.
11. Preeminence of Science, Technology, and Creativity: Invest in science, technology, and creativity to drive innovation and development especially in health, environment, and knowledge economies.
12. Good Governance: Develop effective and accountable institutions, committed to excellence and professionalism in government and society.
13. Just Society and Reduced Inequalities: Eradicate poverty, achieve openness and fairness in society.
14. Preserved Heritage: Build upon our unique identity and historic experiences and use them to inspire and guide our future.
15. Evidence-Based Decision-Making: Demand from leadership and society that national decision-making is based on facts rather than illusions.
At the end of the event, Ruben Vardanyan had a Q&A session with the participants. Members asked different questions and shared their ideas with him.
Around 100 participants attended the event.

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