Meeing with Workforce Development Committee

DateOctober 5, 2021
Event categoryAdvocacy
VenueHyatt Place Yerevan
On 5 October 2021, AmCham in Armenia held a Workforce Development Committee #2 (WFD) and Working Groups (WG) Meeting in Hyatt Place Yerevan. AmCham President Ashot Hovanesian, AmCham Board Members Irina Dumanyan, Gevorg Goyunyan, Dagen Valentine, 13 WFD Committee members, and AmCham Executive Team were present at the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Dagen Valentine, WFD Committee and Education, Training and Development (ETD) WG Chair.
The Chair of the Meeting welcomed the WFD Committee Members, moderated the discussion, and approved the agenda.
As already known from the first WFD Committee meeting, it was decided to form 3 Working Groups under the umbrella of the WFD Committee, which will work both separately and aligned to address the Committee’s goals and objectives.
For more effective results to gain in the process of overall workforce development in Armenia, the 3 WGs defined their vision, mission, and goals separately.
Education, Training, and Development
Mission – to influence the talent gap in policy and practice amongst the key stakeholders – government, educational institutions, and companies
Vision – to address the issues of the talent pipeline to advocate among stakeholders using a data-driven approach
Short-term goals – to obtain data on the current situation for defining data-driven, long-term goals
Strategy and Operational Excellence
Mission – To contribute to the sustainable growth of businesses in Armenia
Vision – High competitiveness on global markets
Continuous goals:
1. share know-how and best practices within the network (businesses government and other entities)
2. establish a long-term B2G partnership
Short term goals –to compile a document that outlines the challenges for businesses and provide corresponding recommendations to the Government (6-month period)
Labor WG
Mission – To adjust/ adapt the Labor Code and other related legislative acts to current business needs and modern requirements
Vision – Favorable legislative environment for workforce labor in Armenia
Long term goals:
1. to establish a long-term B2G partnership related mainly to labor issues
2. share know-how and best practices within the network (businesses, government, and other entities)
Short term goal – to have a policy paper that will include recommendations of changes to be done in labor code and other related legal acts which will somehow coordinate the internship points because it’s not in labor code and other legislative acts that have impacts on labor issues (6 months as a first milestone).
It was decided that the Chair and the Co-Chair of the Committee will group the 3 Working Groups priorities and define the overall Committee mission, vision, and objectives.
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