Mary Kay Beauty Masterclass for AmCham Women

DateMarch 8, 2018
Event categoryKnowledge Sharing
VenueMary Kay Armenia

On the eve of celebration of March 8, International Women’s Day, AmCham in cooperation with its member, Mary Kay Armenia, invited all women of AmCham community to a 3-day Beauty Master-Class at Mary Kay Armenia premises. Specialists of Mary Kay Armenia conducted consultation for women, during which they shared some secret tips on how to have a spa treatment at home for having naturally beautiful skin: dos and don’ts; demonstrated facial skin care procedures; and did Express Makeup, during which they shared some tricks and secrets of how to apply perfect makeup when hurrying, easy to follow instructions on what to do first, and much more. Please find the photo album here . If your company desires to have a free-of-charge consultation for your female colleagues, give us a call and AmCham will organize!

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