Legal Committee Meeting – Non-Cash Transactions

DateMay 24, 2022
Event categoryAdvocacy
Venue Ramada Hotel and Suits, Yerevan
On 24 May 2022 AmCham had a Legal Committee meeting in Ramada Hotel and Suites, Yerevan. Ms. Irina Dumanyan from the Board of Directors, 8 members, one of them online as well as the executive team were present at the meeting. Ms. Lusine Mnatsakanyan, the Chair of the Committee greeted the participants and started the discussion.
Ms. Lusine Mnatsakanyan presented the concerns of the private sector regarding non-cash transactions. The participants expressed their concerns and attitude toward the issue and it was decided to prepare a draft position paper to present to the proper authorities for lobbying.
As a next step, it was decided to get feedback from the AmCham community on the issue and prepare a position paper for lobbying with proper public stakeholders.
Prior to the meeting the Legal Committee members worked on the Labor Code and did some suggestions and comments on it, which were discussed and interpreted in detail during the meeting.
It was decided to share the Code with AmCham members asking for both suggestions and problems they have faced in regard to the Code and later to present and lobby it to the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.