Improving the Investment Environment in Armenia

DateJune 9, 2022
Event categoryAdvocacy
Venue Radisson Blu Hotel, Yerevan
On 9 June 2022, AmCham Members had a meeting with Mr. Declan Murphy, a high-level international expert in investment promotion who was part of the team working on the Investment Reform Roadmap for Armenia by USAID Armenia Business Enabling Environment (ABEE) project.
The roadmap addresses issues related to investment policy, incentives, institutional set-up, and investment promotion and facilitation; it also offers recommendations to improve the investment environment in Armenia.
Topics covered during the event:
Objectives and main findings of the Investment Reform Roadmap – boosting FDI and maximizing benefits for all
Challenges for Armenia to compete in a stronger way
Investment promotion agencies
Team Armenia concept, partnership, and mutual benefits for the private/public sector
Enhancing dialogue structures and joint action with investors to address their growth needs
More regular and agreed dialogue will strengthen policy advocacy and improve the environment
Seeking broad acceptance and advice from the private sector on activities planned
AmCham Member companies that already invested or are interested in bringing new foreign investments to Armenia had an interactive discussion with Mr. Declan Murphy. They suggested a further close collaboration both with the public and private sector stakeholders on the topic, taking into consideration the advocacy and business networking as priority focus areas of AmCham.