Discussion on the Extended Producer Responsibility Model in the Framework of Sustainable Waste Management

Date23 February, 2023
Event categoryAdvocacy
Venue Holiday Inn Express Yerevan

AmCham is pleased to announce that a successful meeting was held to discuss the extended producer responsibility model in the framework of sustainable waste management on 23 February 2023 with producer and importer companies generating a packaging waste. The meeting was organized by AmCham and focused on the transition process towards sustainable waste management.
The attendees were presented with extended producer responsibility model, informed about the waste management legislation being developed within the framework of the “Waste Management Policy in Armenia” program. The members had a fruitful discussion and exchanged valuable insights regarding the policies and regulations.
The meeting concluded with a Q&A session where attendees had the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback. The committee was grateful for the constructive feedback and ideas shared during the session.
The next steps will include further discussions on the pilot for sustainable waste management in Armenia. The committee will continue to work towards driving sustainable waste management practices and keeping the members informed about the progress.
We appreciate the active participation and insightful contributions from all the Industry representatives. Together, we can create a sustainable future for Armenia.