December 17, 2019

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Teach for Armenia

Teach For Armenia began in 2013 with an ambitious mission to transform Armenia’s public education system.

Founded by Larisa Hovannisisan, at Teach For Armenia, we help to build a movement of committed and diverse leaders who will contribute to ensure a better Armenia where all children are given an equal opportunity to acquire an excellent education and reach their full potential. We build an organized movement of informed and connected professionals whose leadership is informed by their classroom experiences.

During the program, we place each leader into a pathway of a professional experience: Public Policy and School Leadership through Teacher Development, Social Innovations and Entrepreneurship, and Corporate/Private Sectors. We provide an additional training, professional experience and internship opportunities as well as resources throughout the two years’ program and strongly encourage our leaders to continue in one of these pathways after being inducted as Alumni Ambassadors. When our leaders complete their commitment, they join our Alumni Network as Alumni Ambassadors for an Educational Equity. Their transition into careers is as diverse as business, teaching, educational reform and politics.

Today, Teach For Armenia is present in Armenia and Artsakh and works with 100+ partner schools impacting over 14,000+ children. Currently, we have 120+ Teacher-Leaders and 80+ Alumni Ambassadors actively working to enable the long-term vision of Teach For Armenia, until all children in even the most remote communities of Armenia have access to an excellent education.


Larisa Hovhannisyan