February 6, 2019

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Skill – Event Marketing Company

We do events people LOVE

Skill is an end-to-end Event Marketing company, which uses event management & marketing technology to help companies and brands to solve their business key challenges.

#Skillteam provide a unique experience to partners and event participants from the first moment of getting to know them to throughout the cooperation, guide them on the path to achieving their goals, providing the necessary information, and taking care of all issues and problems.

Among the partners of Skill are several dozen companies from Armenia, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Switzerland and other countries.

#Skillteam specialists in-depth analyze the goals and objectives of each partner and offer solutions and services in line with international standards.

Skill is also engaged in business education with its educational project Skillrocks.

Skillrocks is an edutainment platform which has the mission to guide and inspire people in their personal and professional development.

Skillrocks specializes in corporate education as well, cooperating with company executives, HR departments solves companies’ specific business objectives through corporate education starting from need assessment, engaging experts from around the world, adopting the training programs to the needs and the requirements of the company and organizing the learning process.

A number of leading Armenian companies in the field of telecommunications, banking, insurance, IT etc., trust Skillrocks training and development of their employees.


Ms. Nelly Marabyan