February 6, 2019

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Skill – Event Marketing Company is a leading business event organizer, that is engaged in business education. We help our clients and partners to solve business problems through the development and training of employees and management.
Among the partners of are several dozen companies from Armenia, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Switzerland and other countries.

Skill is a team of like-minded people who are motivated and inspired by a common idea, which helps partners and clients develop their business through the continuous development of management and employees.

Also we hold corporate event in the areas of.
– leadership and management
– sales and negotiations,
– marketing and SMM,
– HR and talent management,
– advertisement, branding and PR,
– time management,
– goal setting and risk management,
– finance and client service,
– quality management,
– event marketing,
– project management: Agile and Waterfall,
– business etiquette and team building


Ms. Nelly Marabyan