January, 2022

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Silver Membership


As the pioneer of the Renewable energy sector in Armenia, Shtigen has passed a complicated path from the startup to the market shaper. Shtigen adopted a mission to introduce affordable solar energy solutions to Armenian families, businesses and public sector, by promoting green technologies and strengthening energy self-sufficiency of the nation. Starting from the promotion and installation of household solar water heaters in 2011, ten years later Shtigen is the proud installer of more than 40MWp of rooftop and ground based photovoltaic systems and nearly 35 MW solar thermal stations for both residential and commercial use.

In addition to our solar energy traditional field, Shtigen invests also in a vast variety of newly developing fields. Now Shtigen is a group of companies including business entities engaged in electric cars, EV fast charging infrastructure, energy efficient heating and cooling systems and electricity retail markets. Shtigen has already developed and implemented several CSR projects like Shtigen Kids, a full educational course for 10-14-year-old children. Everything Shtigen is involved in is about rising efficiency and economic growth first of all in Armenia, after in the region.

Prices for electricity and gas grow constantly, while modern technologies allow using free and safe solar energy for our buildings and cars. Shtigen believes in green and renewable future for Armenia and the whole world. Hence the company is here to make these technologies work for households, businesses and public sector and give our customers independence from constant rises in energy prices.

Shtigen’s decision to join AmCham is based on the ambition to make Armenia and the whole world a better place to live for the present and future generations. To achieve this goal, the company needs a group of wise supporters who have the same mission.

General Manager

Hayk Shekyan