October 22, 2019

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RRR Mineral Water Plant CJSC (Bjni, Noy)

RRR Mineral Water Plant CJSC produces natural drinking and mineral water and sparkling soft drinks, such as Bjni mineral natural plain and lemon-flavored water, NOY spring still water, Aragats filtered still water and NOY and Aragats sparkling lemonades.

In 2010, the RRR Mineral Water Plant acquired the internationally acclaimed mineral water producer, Bjni, becoming a leader in the Armenian mineral water market, offering innovative and higher-quality products. The mineral water plant Bjni was founded in 1976 with a capacity of 8 million bottles/year located on the 2.6 hectare of farm land. The plant manufacturing area and the producing capacity have now increased several times. Since its inception, RRR has been permanently in a process of technical modernization and reconstruction, expanding its production capacity and carrying out technical refurbishment. The company is equipped with the necessary manufacturing units, workshops and facilities in compliance with all the requirements of the general manufacturing practicies. Since 2018 the company has installed a new generation of plastic bottles automated production line of European production. In 2019 RRR Mineral Water Plant introduced a system of a solar energy usage in the manufacturing processes.

The Company’s products comply with the quality standards of not only Armenia but also Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, United States, Canada, Europe, UAE and other countries in the Arab world. The compliance with the ISO 22000 international standard also attests the high quality of our products.

The natural spring of the drinking waters of Noy and Aragats is in Alapars, a village located in Armenia’s Kotayk province, 35km away from Yerevan, at an altitude of 1,700 m above the sea level. The spring of the mineral water Bjni is located in the gorge of the Hrazdan river at an altitude of 1,700 m above the sea level. The Mineral water is extracted from a ground in depth of 200 m.

The beautiful landscape in the picturesque gorge of Bjni, surrounded by basalt and tufa rocks, combined with the pure fresh air makes Bjni mineral water incomparable and unique, as per the famous saying by Aristotle: “The taste and savor of mineral water bears the hallmark of its origins”.

General Director

Zhora Sargsyan