July 22, 2011

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OSG Records Management LLC

OSG Records Management LLC is a member of OSG international group of companies that have over 30 years of experience. OSG is the leading provider of document and data management solutions for companies operating in the CIS and EU countries.

OSG works practically with every business sector including: banking, retail, travel, law, finance, telecoms, production, service and oil.

In recognition of industry achievements, Professional Records & Information Services Management (PRISM International) has awarded OSG a seat on its European Regulatory Committee.

The Company is a member of Association of European Businesses, American Chamber of Commerce, British Chamber of Commerce, Association of Russian Banks, Russian Guild of Records Management, etc.

OSG Records Management in Armenia was launched to become Armenia’s first document storage and data management provider.

OSG Records Management services are:

– Document storage

– Cataloguing & indexing

– Archival services

– Confidential destruction of documents

– Scanning & data entry

– Backup disc & tape storage

– IT-Archive (online data backup)

– Inventory of equipment

OSG Records Management has purpose-built Facility to keep documents and backup disks & tapes safely. The Facility is protected with alarm system, fire and heat detection, dry powder extinguishing system, video surveillance, climate control, anti-vermin measures and strict security procedures.

Documents are kept in OSG boxes labeled with anonymous barcodes and stored on OSG Facility racks. Couriers collect and deliver documents upon request. OSG specialists are cataloguing, indexing, archiving, destroying and scanning documents.

Choosing the OSG brand means choosing quality, value and success for the company.


Ms. Lilya Abrahamyan