My Forest Armenia

August 7, 2019

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My Forest Armenia

My Forest Armenia is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that aims to decrease carbon footprint in the atmosphere and increase forest coverage in Armenia. While doing this, it aims to educate people and improve the quality of life in rural Armenia.

The organization was founded by Andre Gumuchdjian in Yerevan in Q3 of 2019. My Forest Armenia is funded through monetary and in-kind donations made by investors from abroad and crowdfunding activities. Additionally, it is financed by grants and co-financingopportunities.

My Forest Armenia has nurseries in different regions of Armenia and at different altitudes. We already have established a nursery in Debet, in collaboration, with the COAF SMART Center and in Gugark. The reason for having the nurseries in different regions is to raise the opportunity to grow more tree and shrub species that will specifically address reforestation/afforestation requirements. The aim is to ensure a quality and biodiversity.

The initial goal of the organization is to plant 400.000 trees annually, or about 200 hectares of new forest every year. My Forest Armenia doesn’t just plant trees, but also is fully committed to ensuring that the survival rate of the trees should be among the highest in the field.


Andre Gumuchdjian