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February 24 , 2020

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MKHITAR GOSH Armenian-Russian International University

Mkhitar Gosh University was founded on June 1, 1996 by a group of teachers, lawyers and scientists. The higher educational institution is named after the great Armenian lawyer of the middle ages, the author of the Armenian Judicial Mkhitar Gosh. The University received a state license by the decision of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia for the introduction of higher, secondary special and general public education.

Currently, we have about 800 students, and many of them are from foreign countries. This makes the University a multinational and multicultural educational institution with a long tradition of respecting diversity.

The University leadership worked closely with Moscow State Pedagogical University. V.I. Lenin, developing curricula, subject programs, developed professional criteria, etc., and the University is accredited in all specialties.

High education is carried out at the University in the following professions: Management, Law, Finance, Dentistry, Medicine, Foreign Languages, Pedagogy and Methodology. The classes are usually taought  in Armenian and English, and in case of the demain are also held in Russian.

The University has its own special educational seven buildings, a sports complex, a swimming pool, a hostel, laboratories and training courses both in Yerevan and Vanadzor. Research works are at a high level, 9 graduates defended their candidate and doctoral dissertations.

The Mkhitar Gosh University’s  main structural academic units are the Departments, which carry out educational and research activities. The Departments have laboratories and other educational and research units.

The Management of the The Mkhitar Gosh University is based on a self-governance by combining the principles of personal leadership and collegiality with the activities of the University Council, the Academic Council, the Administration and the Student Council.

The Student Council of the University carries out activities of student self-governance of the University. The main activities of the Council are in the fields of education, art, sports, and social programs.

The Mkhitar Gosh University’s   received an international accreditation in 2019.


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