June 17, 2004

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Megerian Carpet

The Megerian family has been involved in the selling, restoration, and production of fine oriental rugs for over four generations. Originally from Armenia, the Megerians established their rug trade business in the United States in 1917, and quickly developed an expertise in rug repairing and restoration. Over time, they began to realize the growing demand for different trends and subtle design changes, and took their well honed skills to the loom to create their own decorative rugs.

Megerian currently creates luxurious rugs by delicately modifying antique designs and updating color combinations to reflect modern trends and contemporary aesthetic. Using dyes that can only be extracted from the Armenian highlands, they implement their own special weaving techniques with centuries – old Armenian artisanship in the production of their rugs. The rare combination of Old World craftsmanship, traditional influences, and a contemporary sensibility distinguish their rugs in their world market.

Megerian Rugs is based in New York City and owns and operates weaving facilities all over the world including Armenia, Egypt, China, and Pakistan. Their beautiful collections include Sultanabads, Oushaks, Mamluks, Mahals, Karabaghs, Savonneries, Aubussons, and Tabriz.

General Manager

Mr. Harut Megerian