February, 2024

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Levon Travel Yerevan LTD

Levon Travel agency was established in 1958 in Beirut, Lebanon, and subsequently relocated to Los Angeles, California during the 1960s. In 1991, it made a significant move to Armenia, marking the first U.S. investment in the newly formed Republic of Armenia. Being one the oldest and best travel agencies in Armenia, Levon Travel has been providing travel services to both individuals and corporations.

Initially serving as the primary representative of KLM, the agency primarily focused on ticket sales. Over time, it was working with prestigious airlines like British Airways and Lufthansa that were starting their journey in the Armenian market.

Expanding its services, Levon Travel ventured into domestic tourism around 1995-96, introducing tourists to Armenia. The agency also directed its efforts towards outbound tourism and specialized in Meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions tourism (MICE), organizing receptions, conferences, and other events.

Managing Director

Tsovinar Martirosyan


  • 37410525210 /+37491361291
  • 10 Sayat Nova Avenue, Yerevan, Armenia