April, 2023

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IT Park Business Center

IT Park (“CTI SRI” CJSC) is a modern, actively developing business center, which hosts 95 companies of the business world under its roof, the vast majority of which are representatives of the IT sector, thanks to which we can say with confidence that we have preserved the main idea of the activity in previous years:

The IT park is equipped with a 24-hour security system (300 secured parking spaces, fire safety), ventilation and heating. The strategic policy of the business center is based on the idealization of the tenant’s working conditions, for which the company implements various programs.

Today, all the Internet providers of Armenia work in the building, which can provide everyone with up to 1 GB of Internet access via fiber-optic and UTP wires.


Gagik Karapetyan


  • (374 60) 378-433, (374 10) 350-330
  • RA, Yerevan, 0038, Abelyan 6/1