August, 2022

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ZINAPAH – National Foundation for Servicemen Insurance

Disclaimer: According to the decision of the AmCham Board of Directors, ZINAPAH – National Foundation for Servicemen Insurance joined AmCham Armenia as an Honorary Member, taking into account the unique status of ZINAPAH.

ZINAPAH – National Foundation for Servicemen Insurance was founded in 2017 to provide stable compensation for the well-being of fallen, missing, and 1st and 2nd disabled soldiers and their families while defending the homeland and borders for the peace and security of future generations.  ZINAPAH is a non-political institution that operates according to the Law.

It is a unique foundation in the region where every working citizen in Armenia and Artsakh is required to make mandatory contributions from their salaries. The ZINAPAH represents a pan-Armenian effort to provide for those who have sacrificed their life and limb for the security of Armenia. The ZINAPAH funds are generated from:

  • Mandatory monthly payments of taxpayers in Armenia and Artsakh (based on the amount of income from 1,500-15,000 AMD per month)
  • Voluntary donations received in Armenia from all over the world
  • ZINAPAH Asset management

The ZINAPAH is governed by an independent Board of Trustees, highly regarded professionals with stellar reputation and expertise in Finance & Banking, Business, Crisis Management, Fundraising and Asset Management. It is operated by a highly motivated and experienced Executive Team of young professionals.

The ZINAPAH website provides the possibility to see both total funds from mandatory payments and donations and the list of beneficiaries’ compensations. The CEO Quarterly, Annual reports and Annual audit reports by one of the top 10 worldwide known audit firms are also being published on the ZINAPAH website.

ZINAPAH currently supports around 5,149 servicemen and their families, around 12,000 people with a lump sum upfront contribution of 10 ml or 5 ml AMD and 150,000-300,000 AMD (depending on the servicemen rank) monthly payments to the servicemen and their families to ensure their minimum financial stability with liability as per eligibility for the next 20 years and, in case of funds availability, possible extension. Since 2017 it made about 76 billion AMD in compensations.

Our focus is to continually work to make the ZINAPAH an organization truly worthy of our Servicemen’s dedication and sacrifice and make their dreams come true.

Our Mission is to unite the nation to stand by the servicemen and their families to ensure financial stability and dignified life for them.

Our Vision is to be a socially responsible foundation for servicemen, incorporating mandatory and voluntary insurance components.


Thus, ZINAPAH is an incredible consolidation opportunity to seed strong values, beliefs, and attitudes in our society… for appreciation, support, and respect…

Today, it is our duty to stand by the fallen, missing, and disabled soldiers and their families…


Karine Sarkissian


  • +374 12 551 055
  • 0010, Armenia, Yerevan, 26/1 Vazgen Sargsyan Street