February 25, 2019

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“IMR” LLC (International Marketing Research) is a leading research company, which was founded in 2006. We provide full-scale marketing research services through application of both qualitative and quantitative research techniques( Usage and attitude studies, Brand health tracking studies (BHT) ,Advertisement/marketing campaign effectiveness evaluation studies, Segmentation and brand mapping, Retail audit, Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) studies, Mystery shopping, etc.).

IMR is a member of ESOMAR and follows the ICC/ESOMAR International Code of Marketing and Social Research Practices. The company established well-sound client base, among which are both international organizations, NGOs, and commercial brands. Each year company more than 70 projects – both marketing studies and social polls are being implemented. The company portfolio undertakes research conducted for COAF, World Vision, UNICEF,ADA, SOS, UBA, Central Bank of RA, Ministry of Economy of RA, Habitat for Humanity, most of the Financial-Banking Companies of RA, etc.

Our slogan is – TRACK THE CHANGES and long-term objective is to maintain strong and long-lasting relationship with our clients by providing accurate, valuable, and advanced marketing research products.


Petros Petoyan