May 1, 2000

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Hylink JSC

Hylink JSC is a joint stock Armenian resident company, started in 1992 by a group of Armenian entrepreneurs and California based Cylink Corporation to provide the software and hardware development services to our partner. In 1998 a private company Hitegrity LLC was founded based on the Hylink resources working for the Wireless division of Cylink Corp. that was sold to another California based U.S. company to provide services to broad range of partners and customers.

Over the years, the Company provides high quality Software and Hardware engineering and project management services to the partners.

Having adopted the CMMI oriented model for the software development processes and tailoring them appropriately to the customer specifics and requirements, we provide high quality engineering and project management services to help companies in product development lifecycle: starting from specification and architecture design to the first production release and then, continuing with maintenance and upgrade releases. The company staff can step in at any phase and work on a short-term project or dedicate a team for a long-term collaboration with the customers. English is the working language at the company: all design documents and communication are in English, and all the engineers are proficient in English.

The Company has very capable software development, hardware development, QA and technical support engineers with a broad experience in various areas of product development. For more detail please visit our Web site at www.hitegrity.am.

President and CEO

Mr. Gagik Evoyan