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September 25, 2017

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HelpSystems LLC

HelpSystems LLC is an international IT company which has a mission to provide IT management software and services that expertly solve business problems with elegant solutions. The Company develops powerful, easy-to-use software for cybersecurity, IT operations management and monitoring, business intelligence, and document management. HelpSystems has over twenty-five years of specific experience in the areas of systems and network management, business intelligence, security and compliance, for IBM I, Unix, Linux and Windows environments. The company is recognized as the biggest independent IBM i software vendor in the world.

HelpSystems aligns IT and business goals to help organizations find a better way to automate, secure, and inform. Through its reliable software, expert services, and outstanding support, the Company delivers specific solutions to help businesses in addressing their problems and challenges of today’s fast-moving world. Every day more than 10,000 customers around the globe in virtually every industry trust HelpSystems to continually deliver products and services driven by continual improvement, excellence, and innovation. Headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, HelpSystems has more than 20 offices located throughout North America, Europe and Australia, where 550 employees are dedicated to helping customers and delivering quality products.

In 2016, HelpSystems International intended to expend the number of its worldwide offices with another one through the acquisition of promising Armenian IT company called Sourcio which was then renamed into HS International LLC (HelpSystems Armenia). The former staff of Sourcio joined the HelpSystems developers team and focused on advancing the Company’s leading products. Considering the huge progress made by talented Armenian engineers HelpSystems is interested in investing in Armenia and increasing the number of Armenian office staff while maintaining the high-energy and employee-friendly working culture.

Besides being an active player in IT sphere HelpSystems gives a high impotence to the community well-being initiatives and volunteering activities. Employees from all the HelpSystems offices around the world are devoted to the realization of commitments set within the framework of Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. Despite of a short period of presence in the Armenia the HelpSystems Armenia has already managed to make a significant contribution to increase the life quality of Armenian society.

General Manager

Pavel Snkhchyan