September, 2023

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Green Rock Management Group

Established in 2023, Green Rock Management Group is an international company that implements several large-scale, innovative, one-of-a-kind as well as social projects to redefine Armenia’s landscape. 

Beyond merely a business, it represents a socially responsible entity with carefully designed projects aimed at promoting social welfare, advancing environmental sustainability, and strengthening Armenia’s economic development.  

The company’s core vision revolves around showcasing Armenia as an exceptional destination for investment, quality living, personal fulfillment, hospitality and self-realization.  

The main project of the Group is the Multifunctional Complex in Dilijan, which has a “city within a city” concept. The complex will offer several areas of multicultural and high-quality entertainment, set new standards in hospitality, and provide fresh-new opportunities for business and education.  

Another flagship project is the O4 Green Urban Hub, a groundbreaking initiative that exemplifies its dedication to reshaping Armenia’s infrastructure. The park will not only be a seamless continuation of the urban planning legacy of the great architect Alexander Tamanyan, but also serve as the heart of the city’s cultural and intellectual life.  

In addition, Green Rock Management Group collaborates with various prominent partners to create and execute numerous initiatives within the education and hospitality sectors. The company has a multitude of upcoming projects, demonstrating its ongoing dedication and forward-thinking approach. 




Varazdat Nersisyan