Globalink Logistics

July 15, 2008

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Globalink Logistics DWC LLC, Armenian Branch

Globalink is one of the leading international freight forwarding, moving and logistics managementcompanies specializing in the mobility of cargo by road, rail, sea, and air modes on aglobal scale.

Globalink offers extensive expertise in global freight forwarding and logistics and an unparalleledcommitment to providing excellent service tailored to your requirements. With a staffstrength of over 1000 multilingual professionals across 32 offices all over the Caucasus,Central Asia, Middle East, Europe and South East Asia, Globalink can solve any transportationand logistics challenge, no matter how complex.

Globalink’s in-house professional talent develops comprehensive transportation and logisticsplans tailored to meet your specific needs. This is accomplished by learning preciseobjectives with regard to your internal and external supply chain strategy, thus ensuring thatGlobalink will provide your company with first-class quality service at all times. They pridethemselves on their ability to provide logistics solutions to companies in a diverse range ofindustries – industries that value personalized service, consistent delivery and meticulousattention to details.

Globalink services include:

• General Freight Forwarding

• Industrial and Project Logistics

• Customs Brokerage Services

• Warehousing and Distribution

• Removals and Relocation.


Rajiv Nagri