June, 2022

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Fittin is an IT development company working almost exclusively in the online space.

They created an online virtual shoe try-on with AR and 3D components that allows users to be confident that the shoe they bought online will be the right size. Thus increasing sales by reducing returns and boosting consumer brand confidence. 

While also being a best in class, customizable and instantly scalable bespoke e-commerce app developer, they provide retailers with a fast and reliable solution to fulfill their commercial needs.

Fittin has diligently researched all the related technical problems to provide the most effective solutions, and in the course of these endeavors they have obtained a multitude of patents all over the world covering every part of their solution.

For online shoppers getting proper fitting shoes has always been the Achilles heel of the whole shopping experience. There has never been a way to be sure the right size was selected.

Fittin aspires to change this starting in the shoe retail sector.

But they also help improve the consumer experience of any retail company by building a customized and branded app. Tailored to their particular needs.

Imagine a world where you could be sure that every apparel and footwear item bought online will fit you perfectly. This is the future that Fittin is helping build right now.

Fittin sees the Metaverse as a space that is full of new opportunities, for business and consumers alike. This is the frontier of a new age, and Fittin is ready to dive in and help other companies access this new space.

As is befitting of great IT companies they are expanding and are actively seeking for potential customers in the US and elsewhere.


Andrei Revkov


  • (+374) 94 071 151
  • 26/1 Vazgen Sargsyan Str. "Erebuni Plaza", apart. 709Yerevan, Republic of Armenia