July 1, 2008

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BSC Business Support Center

BSC Business Support Center was established in March, 1994 in the framework of European Union’s Technical Assistance to CIS Countries (TACIS) programme. In July 1996, the organization was reorganized to the private and self-sustainable business consulting, research and training company. It is considered as one of the most successful projects of the EU TACIS Program as it became a 100 percent financially sustainable firm in a newly formed free market economy.

BSC provides services in five strategic directions:

  • Management Consulting
  • Professional Development
  • Development Project Management
  • Research and Evaluation
  • Solutions in Innovative Technologies

BSC has demonstrated tangible achievements during the twenty-two years of its existence. It is one of the leading companies in entrepreneurship and SME development in all regions Armenia, among them having a vast number of young and women entrepreneurs. BSC is also a leader in training market as well as has strong positioning in providing management consulting and research services in Armenia. It has organized and delivered over 1,245 business training courses, seminars and other educational programs to over 13,000 representatives of private and public sectors, international organizations and communities. It has developed over 755 business and investment plans and feasibility studies for local and international companies and organizations from all sectors of economy. BSC has implemented over 84 major surveys and baseline studies and analyses for several sectors of industry in the capital city Yerevan and in all regions of Armenia. BSC developed partner and client relationship with 1000 local companies and international agencies (Armenian large companies and SMEs, USAID, UNDP, GIZ, EU, ADA, The World Bank, EBRD, etc.) Sectors covered: Banking and financial sector, food processing, construction, agriculture, hospitality and tourism, IT and other sectors. Geography covered: Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Central Asia, Mongolia In 2000, BSC was awarded “Certificate for Excellence” for high quality business and development services by USAID. In 2006, BSC was awarded “Certificate of Excellence” by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for sustained excellence in the contribution to the joint project on business development in Armenia. In 2011, founding director of BSC Samvel Gevorgyan became an accredited MCEP/CMCE trainer by Institute of Consulting UK. BSC is also active in book publications. “How to start own business in Armenia” is the most popular guideline for Armenian startup entrepreneurs and students. At present BSC, in cooperation with Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) is undertaking the republication of its guidebook on “Corporate Social Responsibility”. Among the latest publications have been the”Win-Win Cooperation of Smallholder Farmers and Processors in Armenia” Case Study, 2016 and “Greenhouses: Construction, Utilization and Crop Cultivation Principles”, 2015.

Managing Partner

Samvel Gevorgyan