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August 19, 2019

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FINARM Financial Market Members Association is a non-governmental public organization. It is a public union to which legal entities operating both in Armenian and foreign financial markets can adhere.

FINARM’s mission is to ensure continued development of the Armenian financial market through mutually beneficial cooperation of market participants, issuers, institutional investors and other stakeholders interested in market development, as well as to support the increase of the role of the Armenian financial market in the region and beyond its borders.

FINARM is the leading and most representative organization of the Armenian financial market that unites professional players from all market segments – banks, investment companies, fund managers, financial market infrastructure, and among them are Government bond primary dealers, corporate securities market-makers, listed companies and bond issuers, underwriters, pension and investment fund managers, depository system account operators, members of settlement system, as well as Stock Exchange and Central Securities Depository representatives.

The Association objectives are to:

  • represent and advocate the interests of financial market members and issuers, establish a mutually beneficial effective cooperation between them;
  • contribute to experience and knowledge sharing;
  • raise the level of professionalism of financial market specialists;
  • coordinate all the efforts towards development initiatives and find solutions of existing problems;
  • disseminate information on Association members and their activities both in Armenia and abroad;
  • contribute to the development of the Armenian financial market to a qualitatively new level.

FINARM ensures the achievement of its statutory objectives via four main focus areas:

  1. Advocacy of Members’ Interests;
  2. Implementation of Project Management Office Functions for the Market;
  3. Establishment and Maintenance of Local and International Ties, Exchange of Experience;
  4. Knowledge Sharing, Awareness Raising and Educational Programs.


Karen Zakaryan