August, 2023

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EFES Insurance CJSC

In July 2023, EFES ICJSC was established with the vision of revolutionizing the insurance sector within the Republic of Armenia. The company’s primary objective is to introduce innovative and elevated insurance services, all while upholding the highest international standards and leveraging extensive industry expertise.

EFES boasts a team of founders and members of a working group who have played pivotal roles in shaping and managing the most expansive and diverse insurance portfolio in the nation for numerous years. Their dedication lies in embracing the evolving challenges of the financial landscape, viewing digitization as an opportunity rather than a threat. Above all, the company places paramount importance on prioritizing the customer in all its operations.

The central aim of the company is to instill a culture of insurance within Armenia, fostering a greater understanding and appreciation for the vital role that insurance plays in safeguarding individuals and businesses alike.


Arevshat Meliksetyan