April, 2024

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Since its inception in 2008, our organization has been steadfast in its commitment to fostering global business relations. 
Over the years, we have successfully executed over a thousand events, including exhibitions, conferences, and business meetings, not only in Armenia but also across various international borders. 
Our journey has evolved into a tapestry of accomplishments, with our goals becoming the stories of success. The agreements inked and connections forged with esteemed global business entities, associations, and government agencies have yielded positive outcomes. This, in turn, has enabled the expansion of international business connections and programs on an international scale, reaching countries such as the USA, Canada, Japan, China, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Prague, Netherlands, Italy, Lithuania, Cyprus, Lebanon, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, India, and beyond. 
The Council for International Business Relations Support has prioritized ten key areas: 
1. Offering business development support and tools to companies in the Republic of Armenia. 
2.Conducting training in a diverse market with representation in 20 countries. 
3.Implementing measures and programs to promote exports and investments. 
4.Organizing annual international business bridges, conferences, and exhibitions worldwide. 
5.Providing business education courses. 
6.Arranging meetings, tours, and consultations for Armenian companies and educational institutions. 
7.Contributing to legislative reforms in tax and customs laws. 
8.Supporting domestic producers in aligning products with international standards. 
9.Offering Business consultation 
10 Offering Business consultation  services essential for US export certification. 
Beyond these initiatives, our Council engages in extensive activities in the media arena. 
We proudly publish the New Page magazine, curate our own “External Connections” and “Success Formula” programs, and host the annual international status “Countries under the one Roof” festival award ceremony, along with the “City of Dreams” charity festival. 
We are actively involved in charity programs, demonstrating a commitment to social responsibility. 
The successes achieved over the years have significantly contributed to the development of export and investment support. 
 We have garnered awards and certificates of appreciation from both state and international institutions, a testament to our dedication to excellence. 
We create guaranteed connections because, indeed, together we can achieve more. 
Year by year, we expand our geographical reach, continuously pursuing and developing international business connections. 
We express our heartfelt gratitude for your trust in us. 
Your trust obliges us to strive for more and provides new impetus for creativity. 


Mariam Manukyan


  • +374 91 111 297