June 17, 2005

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Center for Agribusiness and Rural Development Foundation (CARD)

The Center for Agribusiness and Rural Development (CARD) Foundation is a “one-stopshop” economic development organization with a highly-trained and motivated staff, a broadclient base, and unparalleled country-wide coverage throughout Armenia. It was establishedon April 4, 2005 as a local Armenian organization by USDA FAS.CARD’s mission is to assist farmers and agribusinesses in the production and marketing offood and related products, to increase incomes and create jobs leading to sustainable livelihoodsfor rural populations that significantly impact poverty reduction.CARD and its affiliates CARD AgroService CJSC and CARD AgroCredit UCO offer a complete,integrated package of agricultural development services that are market driven, innovativeand aim at creating self-sustainability and competitiveness. Its programs are impact-oriented,and respond to real challenges faced by Armenian farmers and agribusinesses. Eachinitiative focuses on enhancing agribusinesses and improving rural livelihoods.


Gagik Sardaryan