May 1 , 2020

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Assets CJSC is an accounting and financial consulting company, which was founded in 2017. The company provides accounting and tax consulting services to Armenian and international companies․ The company provides general accounting and financial consulting services in Armenia and helps small businesses to get started and to mid-sized companies to grow. The latter is committed to intelligently managing your books and ensuring your financial well-being.

Assets team of accountants is ready to help its clients with any issue, from general accounting to tax preparation. Assets team goal is to decrease financial risk of its partners and to increase the efficiency.

The company’s certified experts will help clients to achieve its financial goals while providing with efficient and high-quality services. The team provides exceptional financial solutions to the businesses of all sizes, including assurance services and financial consulting for private and public companies, as well as individuals at competitive prices.

Businesses and individuals require guidance in helping their finances to flourish. The company’s experts have an experience in providing services to businesses of all sizes and in a wide-array of industries, and thus can provide them with services that are tailored to client’s specific needs. Their expertise allows them to make come up with the questions and get answers  with outstanding solutions. Assets team will help clients evaluate all the options and their possible outcomes to help them select the best one.

Assets Vision:

To accomplish the ultimate balance between outstanding client service which the company accomplishes by taking pride in what Assets team do and show company’s passion through list of accomplishments. Assets primary focus as an accounting and financial consulting firm is to deliver only the highest quality financial products in both by content and outlook.


Gevorg Tarlamazyan