May 10, 2006

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ArmSwissBank CJSC

“ARMSWISSBANK” CJSC was founded on October 7th   of 2004. The founder and sole shareholder of ARMSWISSBANK is Vartan Sirmakes, the founder, co-owner and CEO of the world famous “Franck Muller Watchland” watchmaker company.

Withdrawing from retail banking, ARMSWISSBANK conducts its activities in three main directions, specializing in internationally accepted services of corporate, investment and private banking. The Bank does not render services to non-account holders and focuses on the full satisfaction of clients’ needs.

Within the scope of corporate banking ARMSWISSBANK offers its clients flexible loan schemes to meet their business growth and financing needs. The Bank assists importers and exporters with various trade financing tools and through a wide network of international partners. ARMSWISSBANK is a member of Factors Chain International, which enables it to provide factoring services in about 70 countries. To hedge against commodity price and foreign exchange fluctuations the Bank offers its clients commodity and financial forwards, futures and swaps.

Within the scope of investment banking, the Bank renders custody and brokerage services providing with an opportunity to invest in shares of Armenian, American, European and Russian companies, shares of investment funds, government and corporate bonds, and commodity and financial futures. The Bank helps prominent local companies to attract financing through organizing the issuance and allocation of securities.

ARMSWISSBANK, being one of the leaders in Armenian government securities market and Government’s agent for internal state debt management, also acts as a market maker to enhance liquidity of Armenian securities market.

High net-worth clients, who need to manage their wealth effectively and grow it, are the primary target group of our private banking services.

Executive Director

Gevorg Machanyan