April, 2022

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ARGE BUSINESS LLC is the official distributor of Procter&Gamble, Duracell, Wella, Fater Group, Kamill, Lorado, Ichnya, Cargill, Tsar Tigran and other famous companies in Armenia, and markets more than 50 different brands around all the regions of Armenia and Artsakh.

ARGE BUSINESS was founded in 2006 and became one of the largest taxpayers in Armenia by 2017, providing high-quality products and services. ARGE BUSINESS focuses on developing long-term relationships with business partners and believes that success is obtained through constant efforts and cooperative actions.

The Company operates with the slogan “Buy the Original”.

ARGE BUSINESS is composed by a team of professional sales representatives located throughout Armenia, creating a combined network that allows to serve as a penetrating platform for partners interested in developing high-quality original products in the region.

ARGE BUSINESS LLC values Respect, Responsibility and Excellence as fundamental principles of business.

Respect: Treat colleagues, customers, and suppliers with respect. Be not only polite, but also active and involved. Learn to listen and understand, as respect and trust are the safest steps towards success.
Responsibility: Feel responsible and deliver on promises and timings. Go beyond the job description to deliver what was promised and drive into reaching maximum results.
Excellence: From market presence to building brands, ARGE strives to continuously set the standards for excellence in everything the company does.

Over its 15-year activity, ARGE BUSINESS LLC has become the leading Armenian FMCG distributor with the largest FMCG coverage – over 95%, 4500 sq m warehouse and more than 4000 palette places in 4 regional branches, contributing to the economic development of the country. A professional team of more than 200 employees is directly engaged in the Company’s daily activity, while more than 5000 clients help deliver its products to consumers.

Product portfolio: Duracell, Gillette, Blend-A-Med, Oral-B, Fairy, Ariel, Tide, Head & Shoulders, Pantene, Pampers, Safeguard, Discreet, Always, Comet, Lenor, Wella, Londa Color, Kamill, Ace, Ichnya, Reggia, Tsar Tigran and more.


Tigran Minasyan