August, 2021

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Silver Membership


Antares Holding was founded in 1992. The date of the foundation itself witnesses the thorny way that the company has passed through. The company managed to achieve a stable position among leading companies both in Armenia and abroad. The Holding includes a publishing house, advertising agency, design studio, package design and production. The Holding has marketing and advertising services and cooperates with the manufacturing sector with several enterprises, and all this was achieved due to the company’s highly professional human resources management combined with modern hi-tech equipment.

The number of Antares Holding employees has been increased significantly from the date of the establishment, which supports solving the employment problem in Armenia. solving.

Antares Holding partners and customers can be sure that it will do its best to bring their ideas to life, combining creativity, quality and professionalism. Numerous diplomas and awards from international and regional competitions, festivals, book fairs and exhibitions are the best proof of Antares Holding’s achievements.

General Manager

Armen Martirosyan