October 22, 2019

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American Councils for International Education

The American Councils for International Education:

ACTR/ACCELS office in Armenia

In its four decades, American Councils has developed into one of the premier American education and international training organizations, conducting an extensive range of educational projects and initiatives across 30 regional offices, representing more than 90 countries. American Councils’ educational portfolio includes regions which are vital to the US and international relations, the economy, peace, and security. Core services include cultural exchanges, scholarship administration, language training and immersion learning, professional development, innovation and capacity building, and educational advising.

American Councils partners with governments and institutions to support learners of all levels, from students to educators, civil servants and professionals. To date, American Councils has built a community of more than 94,000 alumni, including national leaders, ministers, members of parliament, ambassadors, and CEOs.

The American Councils for International Education: ACTR/ACCELS office in Armenia was established in 1996. Since its establishment American Councils has implemented more than a dozen programs in Armenia funded by the US Government and other donor organizations. American Councils in Armenia has provided over 1,500 high school and university students, educators, specialists and faculty members with the opportunity to study, research and get professional training in the US and Armenian institutions

Country Director

Dagen Valentine