Comprehensive Health Insurance WG discussion with AmCham Partner NGOs

DateFebruary 3, 2022
Event categoryAdvocacy
On 3 February 2022, AmCham Comprehensive Health Insurance (CHI) Working Group had an online joint discussion with AmCham Partner NGOs and associations on coordinating the next steps regarding the advocacy campaign through the position paper prepared by AmCham CHI WG which was established from the members of AmCham TCuFP and Legal Committees members on a volunteer basis.
AmCham President, 2nd Vice-President, 6 representatives from AmCham Community and the Executive Team were present at the meeting. 4 representatives from AmCham Partner NGOs participating in the meeting were Mr. Artavazd Yakhshibekyan, the Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen of Armenia (UMBA); Ms. Diana Sarumova, European Business Association Armenia (EBA), Mr. Martin Martirosyan and Ms. Diana Gaziyan, Armenian British Business Chamber. Ms. Meri Navasardyan who was not present at the meeting confirmed the agreement of German Chamber of Commerce (DWV) Armenia with AmCham position on the topic prior to the meeting.
The Executive Secretary welcomed the participants thanked them for their interest to join the campaign, presented the participants and briefly reported about the work done so far.
As already known the WG has thoroughly studied the Comprehensive Health Insurance draft law, defined its position on it and developed a Position Paper, which after the discussion and approval of other NGOs would be released and shared with the key stakeholders and relevant parties as a group position of NGOs on the topic.
The participants of the meeting, who thoroughly studied the position paper prior to the meeting expressed their viewpoints on different points of the suggestions and did some recommendations on tailoring the paper with acting health system and overall situation of the RA.
As a conclusion of the meeting EBA and ABBC also confirmed their consent to advocate jointly for more effective results.
As next steps it was decided:
• To revisit and review the document for possible changes
• To share the Paper with the key stakeholders
• To organize a joint media briefing with the NGOs/Associations, Media Reps and other interested parties to present the paper and follow-up to stop the draft implementation.