Be my Guest with Mineh Print

DateMay 31, 2019
Event categoryBe my Guest
Venue Mineh Print

On 31 May, 2019 AmCham held its regular “Be My Guest” event with Mineh Print. Mineh Print was established in 1999, so we also celebrated the 20th anniversary of the organization. The company has earned a reputation for providing customers with unique novelty and premium item solutions. During the event Mineh Print’s CEO Ms. Armine Sarkissian made a short presentation on the Mineh high quality products and services: silk screen printing, tempo printing, laser marking, cutting and engraving, hot stamping, promotional items, digital printing. Representatives from AmCham member companies enjoyed their Friday Night tasting snacks and refreshments as well as established new ground for future cooperation with Mineh. Mineh Print is an AmCham proud member since 2006.

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