Be My Guest With Karas Wines

DateSeptember 14, 2019
Event categoryBe My Guest
VenueArevadasht village

On 14 September, 2019, in the scope of AmCham “Be My Guest” series, AmCham members were invited to Karas Wines in the village Arevadasht.
There were more than 50 participants from 24 AmCham member companies and US Embassy in Armenia.
AmCham members enjoyed an interesting tour by bus in Karas vineyards and a plant tour in Karas winery with wine tasting and mouth-watering appetizers.
Since 2004 Karas Wines, wineries and vineyards have been family-owned and a family-run projects.
Karas Wines main mission is to produce world-class vintages from their own vineyards which are located in Armavir, Armenia. Their main goal has been to make the highest-quality wines and go beyond the care they take in managing the vineyards and wineries. An Armenian family from Argentina started Karas Wines family business seeking to renew roots in the original homeland, renewing traditions ensuring sustainable ecosystems and biodiversity.
AmCham members enjoyed the great networking opportunity with highest-quality wines in a breathtaking view and a wonderful atmosphere

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