Be My Guest with Hyatt Place Yerevan

Date21 June, 2019
Event categoryBe My Guest
VenueHyatt Place Yerevan

On 21 June, 2019, AmCham held its consecutive “Be my Guest” event, this time with Hyatt Place Yerevan. The event took place in Hyatt’s Summer Terrace. The evening began with a short hotel tour and a presentation on Hyatt brand, after which the guests enjoyed tasty snacks and cocktails, good music by DJ Ego, and an ongoing Graffiti Workshop. At the end of the evening, all the guests played a mobile quiz with gifts for the winners.
Hyatt Place Yerevan is that welcoming place, where guests can find uncomplicated experience in a casual atmosphere. This a world of a Different Place. Authentic Hospitality. Modern and Comfy.
Welcome to Hyatt Place.

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