Be My Guest with Armenia Wine Company

DateAugust 27, 2021
Event categoryBe My Guest
VenueArmenia Wine Company
On 27 August 2021 in the scope of the AmCham Be My Guest networking series, AmCham Members were invited to enjoy their Friday night with Armenia Wine Company.
The evening started with a Winery tour. The guests discovered the company, the wine-making techniques, and the different wine varieties.
Armenia Wine Company gave tricks on how to do a wine tasting. The evening was summed up by a delicious supper with wine and a magnificent view. During the evening participants not only enjoyed the atmosphere and wine but also got a chance for communication and for new cooperations.
There were more than 60 participants from more than 30 companies.
Armenia Wine Company was founded by Vardanyan and Mkrtchyan families as a result of their love for their homeland, nature, and culture. It all started in 2006 from the vineyards planted in the Armavir region,
southwest of Armenia, and later turned into a big winemaking project. The winery itself was founded 2 years later, in 2008. The winery is located in Aragatsotn, one of the viticultural regions of Armenia. It is located between Yerevan and Mount Aragats, Armenia’s highest peak.
Today Armenia Wine represents an exemplary Winery, where century-old Armenian winemaking lives its time of renaissance.
Initially, the goal was to create wines that open the window to the main wine regions of Armenia, still undiscovered.
Today the portfolio of the company is represented by wines allowing to discover Armenia with its indigenous grapes and terroir diversity.