AmCham Legal Committee meeting

Date5 April, 2023
Event categoryAdvocacy

On April 5, 2023, AmCham’s Legal Committee had a meeting where 13 members were present. The meeting started with the Executive Director welcoming the members and launching the meeting with the agenda.

The first agenda item was the Government’s proposal on regulations regarding the engagement of male employees in military training. The Chair informed the attendees about the proposal and invited comments and feedback from the members. The members suggested that the proposal could impact productivity and business and provided suggestions to establish a threshold for payment, limit the number of employees joining the training, and reduce the training period to one month.

The next agenda item was about the proposed changes to the Law on Advertising, specifically the total restriction of the advertisement of alcoholic drinks. The members expressed their concerns about the negative impact on tourism and the economy and decided to gather comments and suggestions from the members for further advocacy of the issue.

The final agenda item was the pilot program in Armenia for several sectors on track and trace, where the concern was the businesses facing all the challenges while the system was not ready for such regulations. The members suggested raising the question among AmCham members and discussing the issue more broadly.

The meeting ended with the members providing comments and suggestions on the three agendas within a week. Overall, the meeting addressed crucial regulatory issues and sought to find ways to balance the interests of businesses and the government’s objectives.