AmCham Be My Guest with Hyelandz Eco Village Resort

DateNay 20, 2018
Event categoryBe My Guest
VenueHyeLandz Eco Village Resort

The opening season of “Be My Guest” series was celebrated with HyeLandz Eco Village Resort, which organized a fantastic “Be My Guest” event for AmCham members on 20 May 2018. The participants had a fascinating tour at the HyeLandz premises; met Ms. Caroline and Mr. Arthur Zakarians, cofounders, who talked about the history and culture of the eco village resort; discovered raised bed gardens and orchards, resort facilities that create ecologically clean
environment; learned the lavash baking and butter “churning” in khnotsi; visited Hyelandz store room to see all the homemade products made by HyeLandz on the premises including honey, jams, juices, pickles, liqueurs and more; had delicious buffet lunch offering homemade Armenian and Lebanese traditional cuisine by HyeLandz,
and enjoyed a surprise entertainment program: live Armenian music with a festive cake! AmCham members were pleased with the hospitality of HyeLandz management and great program organized
special for AmCham guests.

To learn more about HyeLandz Eco Village Resort, please visit the link here.

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