AmCham and Armenian Institute of Directors(AIoD) Sign an MoU of Cooperation

DateMarch 9, 2020
Event categoryAdvocacy
VenueErebuni Plaza Business Center

On 9 March, 2020 AmCham in Armenia and Armenian Institute of Directors (AIoD) signed a MOU on cooperation to strengthen the corporate governance best practices in Armenia and create a sound and exclusive basis for the development and improvement of the business sector. Specifically, the joint activities will be focused on:
– To assist and establish Armenian Companies’ Board of Directors as their governing bodies and the improvement of their productivity,
– To contribute to the improvement of professionalism, experience and status of directors in Armenia, and to assist the directors in matters related to their activities.
The cooperation will be carried out via joint events as seminars and conferences, experience-sharing activities, as well as educational programs of mutual interest in order to operate in a more effective and sustainable way.